Listing your credentials correctly on your resume is vital. Our partner, CGFNS International, Inc., will help authenticate your foreign degree or license and report back to us. 1900 Spring Road, Suite 501 We can help get your degree/licensure verified through our International Credential Evaluation service. Fee for retired emergency RNs: $75. I no longer work in the clinical setting; can I still sit for the exam? Requirements for certification include: A current, unrestricted RN license or nursing certificate A minimum of two years in the specialty area is recommended (but not required) Seize your opportunity and get registered now. Other than building skills on how to care for trauma patients, certification is usually required by the employer. These candidates must submit an official letter from the Nursing License Authority along with an application and documentation materials to the BCEN office verifying that there are no limitations on their ability to perform all related nursing functions. does not guarantee the accuracy or results of any of this information. Nurses can even purchase vouchers to save on cost. How our certification exams are crafted and administered. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. For more information, click here. Yes, as long as you have a current, unrestricted Registered Nurse license. YES YOU CAN! Currently, more than 4,300 TCRN certifications are held. More information can be found here. A nursing certificate that is equivalent to a Registered Nurse in the United States is also acceptable. Fax: +1-630-596-8250. Where Can I Get a Trauma Nurse Certification? To qualify for the exam, you must hold a current, unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States, or its Territories. Additionally, certification means the nurse is highly qualified to care for acutely ill or injured patients. Get Certified Employer Exam Voucher Program, ECRC and Item Writers: Our Subject Matter Experts. Pass the NCLEX-RN Exam: All RNs must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to obtain licensure to practice nursing. LPNs and paramedics are eligible to attend all portions of the course except for the written and psychomotor evaluations. Whether in hospitals or trauma centers, the TNCC certification give nurses the tools they need to provide expert trauma care: knowledge, hands-on training and critical thinking. Because traumatic injuries can fall anywhere on the spectrum, from minor to critical, nurses need to know what to do when patients present to the ER. All trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. BCEN recommends you have 2 years’ experience in your specialty area however, it is not required. There are several organizations that offer trauma nursing certifications. Some also offer more specialized trauma certification, such as in-flight nursing. Trauma Nursing Care Course (TNCC) Certification The Trauma Nursing Care Course (or TNCC) Certification is globally recognized as the premier course for medical facilities. To qualify for the exam, you must hold a current, unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States, or its Territories. Am I eligible? Cost: Not listed - applicants may contact directors near their location for details. How many nurses currently hold the TCRN certification? Any restriction, suspension, probation, or any order arising from a Nursing License Authority that limits a nurse’s ability to function and perform related tasks will disqualify a candidate to sit for the examination unless the candidate is a qualified individual with a disability who can function and perform all related tasks with or without reasonable accommodation. You may be eligible.

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