Current M.E.T. do not need to accept their spot on the waitlist. Applicants who are not admitted to the M.E.T. program may apply to the M.E.T. as a major choice and an alternate major in College of Letters & Sciences or Business Administration through Berkeley-Haas. A: Beginning 2021, current UC Berkeley students can apply to M.E.T. Only students enrolled in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley are eligible to apply to the M.E.T. located on the UC Berkeley application? program will be notified in either February or March of the following year. There’s nothing the M.E.T office or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) can do to expedite the process. A: Qualifying scores on IB/AP tests may count for credit. engineering tracks found under both Haas School of Business and College of Engineering. Supplemental Essay Form. students to integrate the engineering and business curriculum plans and provide M.E.T. A: Graduates of the M.E.T. Q: With UC Berkeley no longer using SAT/ACT exams in the review process, does this mean that UC Berkeley is “test-blind”? Q: How will interviews be conducted? program will be automatically considered for admission to Berkeley Engineering’s BioE, CE, EECS, IEOR, MSE or ME majors. Apply to UC Berkeley Now . If they have a lot of credit and can pass out of several required courses, then it’s possible for them to take some classes outside of their major. applicants must meet UC Berkeley’s basic admission requirements. If you received a C- or higher for the first attempt the prerequisite should not be repeated. The D+ will still be considered because it is your first attempt. If you do not submit your essay by the deadline, you will not be considered for admission to the M.E.T. Waitlist status does not impact your candidacy. A minimum of 120 units are required to graduate; you can complete degree requirements without taking double the course load. A: Students should apply to the major they’re really interested in and not count on changing their major after they are admitted. will open with the Fall 2021 admissions cycle. When applying for housing students will be able to submit their preferences, and we find that in the end most everyone gets housing that works for them. tracks, you are eligible to apply to M.E.T. Overall applications increased by 0.8% over last year (2023 to 2024) from 87,353 to 88,026. Our recommendation is for students to begin writing their M.E.T. Copyright © Regents of the University of California, For more systemwide and campus data on applicants, admits and enrollees, visit, English language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS), Fall 2018 Berkeley admits: Ranges for GPA, test scores and courses completed [PDF], Learn more about how we review applications. The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, for example, is a beehive of activity for students interested in hands-on making and prototyping. Freshmen applicants to M.E.T. However, if an applicant does not receive an interview invitation it does not indicate they are no longer being considered for admission to the M.E.T. Each M.E.T. waitlist. Q: Do M.E.T. curriculum different from regular engineering or business coursework? A: M.E.T. With an acceptance rate of 15.1%, admission to UC Berkeley is definitely competitive. A: M.E.T. A: You will need to contact the M.E.T. A: M.E.T. No, applicants cannot select M.E.T. The deadline to submit your supplemental essay form is December 16, 2020. A: Without a doubt, M.E.T. A: No, the supplemental essay is due 11:59pm PST on December 16, 2020. A: Only students enrolled in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley are eligible to apply to the M.E.T. A: Pre-admission advising is available during the spring via webinar; two sessions will be offered but are not required. A: Freshman applicants who are not accepted to the M.E.T. summer before your intended Fall enrollment. Students are automatically placed on the M.E.T. Four-Year Plan Worksheet for their engineering track to create a manageable plan that meets all of the requirements.

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