Ninety percent of synthetic urea produced now is for fertilizers. Browse and purchase gardening books by Walter Reeves, plus select titles by other authors. What is the difference between Ammonium Nitrate and Urea? The first number is always nitrogen, the second is phosphorus and the third is potassium. Urea is a colorless, odorless solid, and it is non-toxic. While urea fertilizer is slightly less expensive per unit of nitrogen, it is not immediately available … This ammonia can be converted to nitrite by soil bacteria. Further, urea is used to produce explosives like urea nitrate. As nouns the difference between urea and ammonia is that urea is (biochemistry|uncountable) a water-soluble organic compound, co (nh 2) 2, formed by the metabolism of proteins and excreted in the urine while ammonia is (inorganic compound) a gaseous compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, nh 3, with a pungent smell and taste. Originally, urea was a soft substance used in fertilizer blends, but today, it is manufactured as granules with few pollutants released into the environment during manufacturing. Ammonium nitrate and urea are such nitrogen containing solids. At first glance, urea seems to … Q: What is the difference between ammonium nitrate (16-0-0) and urea(45-0-0) besides the amount of Nitrogen? Although urea is naturally produced in humans and animals, synthetic urea … We really only have 2 choices around here Ammonium sulfate or Urea I have always used urea but fertlizer guy is suggesting ammonium sulfate do to it is cheeper. UNPREDICTABLE In cereals the losses ranged from 2-43% of the total urea N applied. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. Production of ammonium nitrate is a simple chemical reaction. This is the nitrate of ammonia, and it has the following structure. Other chemical compounds have been used as popular fertilizers over the last century. Ammonium nitrate is 33 percent nitrogen so the numbers on a bag will be 33-0-0. On the other hand, in warm soils, bacteria readily convert ammonium and urea to the nitrate that plants love in a matter of days. Moreover, all 3 sources of nitrogen fertilizer have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but in particular, dry urea is an exceptionally poor source of nitrogen for in-season applications to corn. You’re correct that urea is 46-0-0. Impact of soil pH on urea loss. Therefore, when it is used as a fertilizer can be washed off and accumulates in water bodies. Soil pH- 6.5. Since ammonium nitrate has nitrate in it already, plants get nitrogen from it a bit faster than if you apply urea. However, the cost of nitrogen per lb for urea ($0.67) is actually less than the cost of nitrogen per lb for ammonium nitrate ($0.79). Ammoniacal Nitrogen Ammoniacal nitrogen is nitrogen derived from ammonia and is … Melting point of ammonium nitrate is about 170 °C and it decomposes when heated to about 210 oC. Plants need these nutrients in higher amounts than other elements; they are required to be listed so you’ll know what you are buying. Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula of NH4NO3. Key findings were; AN remains the best option for UK agriculture and early application of urea did not guarantee reduced ammonia losses. Yes, feed grade Urea and Fertilizer Grade Urea are different although both has 46% N. The biuret content of feed grade urea is generally more (1.2%) than fertilizer grades (0.8%). It is a carbamide (organic molecule). Soil pH- 5.0. Compounds containing Nitrogen are commonly used as fertilizers because nitrogen is one of the highly essential elements for plant growth and development. Dry Urea: Elevated Risk for N Loss via Ammonia. Either fertilizer can be beneficial if used properly. Therefore, it is used as an oxidizing agent in explosives. Ammonium nitrate is stable, but when it is in the molten state risk for explosion is higher. A: Though it doesn’t affect our discussion, I think you have your fertilizer numbers mixed up. Since urea is usually slightly cheaper than ammonium nitrate, many lawn lovers choose it. Ammonia volatilization occurs when the urease enzyme hydrolyzes urea fertilizer to ammonia on the soil surface.

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