In this respect York is like the name of a Chelsea bun or a frankfurter – a generic title which no longer related to the place of its production. Legend has it that the original hams were smoked with sawdust generated during the building of the … The true York ham has a wonderful matt pink colour, retaining a slightly coarse texture to what is definitely meaty meat. Generally it is lightly smoked but it can be found smoked a little more heavily. Ham is sold pre-cooked and therefore can be eaten straight away. A gourmand whose name escapes me (Lord Castlerosse?) Any ham cured anywhere can be called a York ham if it is cured using the York ham method. Champagne Mangos with Raspberry Coulis and Cardamom Shortbread, A dry-cured, English ham that is smoked over oak sawdust. 0 0 1. The dry curing process is followed by a maturation period to help the ham develop a greater depth of flavour. It is slightly saltier and firmer textured than the hams we are probably used to today. It is also arguable if York ham should even be smoked, and what most people think of as York ham is simply cured in salt with sugar and saltpetre, and then matured for at least six months ideally, and some for up to two years. Cut: Hams are sold bone-in, partially boned, or boneless.The shank end of the ham is typically fattier while the butt end is leaner and easier to slice. The local authority is the City of York Council, a single tier governing body responsible for providing all local services and facilities throu… The term "ham sandwich" is created because the boy's penis is the ham, and the buttocks are the two pieces of bread making the sandwich. There is no definitive form, but it is typically a very soft, mild-flavoured wet-salted ham. It is traditionally served with Madeira sauce. It resembles a hot dog. Unfortunately for Yorkshire York ham is not one of those products which has protected regional status. Cure: Unless the ham is sold as fresh, the hams are cured, which can mean wet-cured (brined) or dry-cured. Known by this name at least since advertisements of the mid 1700's (eg: Sussex Advertiser - Monday 26 July 1762, p4), York Ham is ham made in or near York or Yorkshire. Dry curing lends the ham a slightly saltier flavour and drier texture than other hams. They were laid on a bed of salt in the cellar on the stone slabs where it is cool and dry. regularly lunched on a whole York ham and half a dozen bottles of claret. • Elenski but is a dry-cured ham from the town of Elena in northern Bulgaria and a popular delicacy throughout the country. Legend has it that the original hams were smoked with sawdust generated during the building of the cathedral , though that sounds far too good to be true. A really well made York ham is something to be enjoyed on its own, cut in thick slices off the bone, not to be lost in a sandwich or worse cooked in some way. The true York ham is said to have been made from the meat of the Large White Pig. Current producers describe the process as taking ten weeks. Brine-cured ham is soaked in a liquid-salt mixture before being smoked and is the most common variety of ham. Recipes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It is sad that the hugely inferior (it is painful mentioning them in the same article) hams made from reformed pork can, because York ham does not have protected designation of origin status, claim the name for themselves. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yorkshire and in particular it seems York developed the product because of the local availability of Large White pigs, which produced hams of maybe 50lb or more in the heyday of the product, and the brewing industry in the region whose waste products generated large quantities of cheap feed. Ham is usually served cold whereas bacon is eaten hot. A York ham is a leg of pork that has been dry cured using a method traditional to the York region. What is generally sold as jamon de York in Spain for example is almost certain to be the cheaper plastic-packed stuff without character or flavour worth mentioning. Finally, how we eat the product highlights the difference between Ham and Bacon.

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