On my final attempt I decided to try two different recipes side-by-side. Homemade pizza was on our New Year’s Eve menu, and after boasting of our cheese-making success this past fall, we volunteered to make a batch of fresh mozzarella to go on top. The last two times, however, have turned out very rubbery and hard to pull. Lahey concurred: "It drives out all the whey and tightens it up. You can't. It tasted milky, as I knew it should. The Dez Pirate . Why did my mozzarella come out hard? My mozzarella was good. 8 years ago. My next two attempts…FAIL! I’m relatively new to cheese making but I’ve done mozzarella 3 times, the taste seems to be fine for the most part. But it keeps having a rubbery texture to it and I can’t fully figure out why But it keeps having a rubbery texture to it and I can’t fully figure out why I want to replicate this at home, is there a trick to getting this texture or am I just basically going to have to try different cheeses until I find it? You get rubbery mozzarella." QA5 – Why Won’t My Mozzarella Stretch Properly QA6 – Why Didn’t My Curd Knit Together QA7 – How Do I Label Waxed Cheese QA8 – Why Do I Keep Making Dry, Crumbly Cheese QA9 – Why Isn’t My Camembert Growing White Mold . I may have worked too slowly, giving the fat from the cheese too much time to leach into the water.). Everything was going so well. I'm a huge fan of thick rubbery and chewy mozzarella cheese on my pizza, I think i'm in the minority...any local shop that has cheese like this gets my business. Ed's story looked like it was gaining a bit of credibility. 0 0. I took the balls back to the office, carefully weighed them, then placed one in the refrigerator, one in the freezer, and left one on the counter. Not like my rubbery earlier attempts. Or perhaps my cascade of salt was not generous enough—too little salt and the curd expels too much water, making it tougher. Why is my cheese not setting? But as you can see in the photo above, something went rather wrong…Everything seemed to be normal up until the step where you microwave the cheese curds. I carefully watched the temperature of my milk and citric acid with my handy instant read thermometer, I carefully lifted the curd and ever so lovingly drained the whey. Edit: Since all the ingredients are precooked before rolling in the corn husks, try cooking for slightly less time and the cheese will be less rubbery, hopefully. I was never going to purchase rubbery mozzarella again. I used two different recipes, but they both consisted of a ~4 lb pork shoulder, a sliced onion on the bottom of the pot, and bbq sauce/dr pepper/chiles/spices. Logged Steve. Lv 7. The fresh mozzarella is stretchy but not rubbery. I find the fresh mozzarella similar to queso fresco, so she just might like the rubbery cheap mozzarella. This series will continue with ongoing posts. Started checking after about 7 hours on low, ended up letting it go for 10 and it barely got better.

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