The one positive aspect is that at this stage, the Tyranid fleet may have expended its resources in preparation for the gluttony they expect as the planet's biomass is absorbed. Tyranid Capillary Towers absorbing a prey planet's natural resources. The first officially recorded contact with the Tyranids for the Imperium of Man came during a Tyranid attack on an Ocean World called Tyran, and from there Hive Fleet Behemoth continued directly towards the centre of the galaxy, consuming all the worlds in its path. From the smallest feeder organisms, to the microbes that decompose new biomass; from the sessile and rooted flora-like forms, to the huge tendril-like shoals of the hive fleets, every Tyranid organism has a place within the will of the Hive Mind. Please check out my Instagram where I post ALL of my minis, and some of my gaming clips, would love any and all feedback. The Warp is part of the Nids biology so it as to be included otherwise there wouldn’t even be a battle in the first place but cutting off psychic connections would affect the neuro physics links between the key mind and the precursors artifacts. Tyranids also have the advantage of not needing to build up their hivemind until it reaches an acceptable level of intelligence before it becomes a threat, they are ready to go from the get-go. Two species driven by the need to consume, and driven by a collective conscious. Even the massive bulk of a Hive Ship has a limit to its resources. Often swarms will subdivide into smaller packs of creatures still capable of consensual behavior among themselves. Thus can a hive fleet adapt to generate a force capable of overwhelming any opposition, unleashing a vast throng of ferocious alien monsters that can fly, run, burrow and stalk through the defences of any foe. " Like the Capillary Towers, these flying organisms devour the biomass of the skies, returning it to the Tyranid swarm upon their deaths. Along the battlefront, Termagants use their ranged weapons to lay waste to opposition, while Hormagaunts boldly engage any opposition in close combat. Interspersed with these creatures, the larger bioforms -- including Carnifexes, Tyrannofexes, and even Hierophant Bio-Titans -- accompany their smaller brethren, sowing endless destruction across the planet. Rather, they invade to harvest valuable biomass and feed their insatiable hunger. At the same time that this rain of devastation begins, those Genestealers and Lictors which have already infested the planet reveal themselves. This becomes most evident in the often unexpected subtlety of their plans. The tyranid military is all organics and they're getting a endless supply of biomass from the orcs. When Feral they can be easily defeated, but become incredibly dangerous and coordinated when under control of a Gravemind. In addition, these fierce predators also target isolated animals and even sapiens to absorb their memories as they devour them. The Tyranids are an extragalactic composite species of hideous, insectoid xenos. Unlike most Tyranid bio-ships, the Narvhal is almost completely defenceless, and possesses almost no bio-weaponry and only a very thin protective carapace. Tyranid hive fleets require vast stockpiles of organic matter to power their galactic assaults. These creatures live in a highly symbiotic fashion, fusing into each other's flesh so that it is often impossible to say where one Tyranid creature ends, and another begins. Some of the substrates collected are used to generate additional Tyranid creatures. As the Tyranid Hive Fleet nears the doomed world, the Genestealer Cult, potentially numbering in the millions by this point, goes into action, instigating a worldwide rebellion with the goal of weakening the planet's defences against the approaching hive fleet. This is my take on what would happen if Tyranids and The Flood ever came into contact, obviously, I may be a bit biased towards the Nids as it is no secret that I love the Warhammer 40k Universe. Yet the Tyranid species is defined by its ability to adapt in the face of disaster. Their only additional troop type was an enslaved alien race, the Zoat. Unrelenting and unstoppable, the tyranid race represents the eventual doom of both mankind and the alien races that inhabit the known galaxy." Over time, this can have an effect on the planet's atmosphere and climate as plant life is unable to synthesise oxygen. The mutable, inconstant psychic energy of Chaos provides none of this vital sustenance. The inconstant Warp-stuff from which daemons are made offers the Tyranids no sustenance, while the unknowable entity of the Hive Mind is immune to terror and daemonic corruption. It is also believed that Genestealers may use their cunning and stealth to infiltrate planets without the aid of a drone ship. As a powerful synaptic node of the Hive Mind, the Hive Ship disrupts the Warp in a radius of several light years. For highly psychic species, such as the Aeldari, or for luckless psykers caught within this enervating effect, the malaise is magnified tenfold. Hive fleets travel at superluminal speed, though they never enter the Warp. Trying to grow my Space Marine army at the moment, as well as exploring new games to try and dive into. Carrier Forms – As suggested by the name, these forms are used primarily to transport Infection forms in order to spread infection of the disease. 20. In later editions they became a playable faction in their own right, and it was revealed that the Genestealers (first popularised in the board game Space Hulk) were in fact part of the advance reconnaissance element of the main Tyranid Hive Fleets. Then there are the large Bio-Titans taller than buildings and capable of taking on Squads of Space Marines on its own. Each spore destroyed may mean greatly fewer organisms to face on the ground. As the last of the system's defenders fall, the Capillary Towers begin to feed biomass back to the Hive Ship and its escorts. When a Tyranid hive fleet descends upon a prey world to strip it of life, it does so in a series of distinct stages. Typically, Tyranid hive fleets move in ad hoc formations known as "tendrils," migrating to nearby inhabited planets after consuming all the biological and organic material on a recently invaded planet and breeding, often reproducing many times their original number. This means that, by the time the Shadow in the Warp falls, it is already too late; these beleaguered planets are effectively on their own. Upon Baal itself, the battle between Blood Hunger briefly satiated, the hive fleet drifts away in search of its next meal, leaving nothing but an airless tomb behind. These hostile micro-organisms immediately begin to change the planet's atmosphere, oceans, soil, flora, and fauna. Every weapon and projectile used by the hive fleets is a living organism or "biomorph," grown from the reconstituted biomatter of previous invasions. The Genestealer Cult spreads throughout all levels of Imperial Society, infiltrating governments, and other houses of influence.Eventually once the cult has grown enough it acts as a beacon to nearby hivefleets, which begin their journey to the infected planet. Archived. Though the backbone of the hive fleet was broken by its defeats at the Battle of Ichar IV and at the Aeldari Craftworld Iyanden, the cost to the Imperium was still great and many splinter fleets broke off from the Kraken to later wreak havoc deep within Imperial space, even reaching as far as the fringes of the T'au Empire. For those planets with extensive defences, the swarm may grow exceptionally large creatures. Also I don't think the "face-huggers' would be any effective against the Tyranids. The main motivation for a Tyranid invasion is the consumption of all organic organisms. For the sake of argument, we are going to assume that The Flood has taken over a human colony from the Halo Universe, and have access to weapons, planetary defense systems, and a few ships, along with having reached a Keymind level intelligence. In a scenario where the Tyranids come across a Halo installation and encounter the flood before it has the chance to infect any sapient organisms then the fight will go to the Tyranids. Endless swarms of the smaller bioforms -- including Gaunts, Gargoyles, and Genestealers -- rampage through the skies, across the land, and under the oceans. In cases when a defensive point seems insurmountable, the Hive Mind is quick to adapt its strategy.

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