A new creative partnership supporting cultural programmes for underprivileged youth in Rome


A new creative partnership supporting cultural programmes for underprivileged youth in Rome
[Photo: Youngsters attending the presentation of new projects by the I Cerchi Magici association - Rome, 27/04/2024]  
The Italian cultural association I Cerchi Magici (The Magic Circles), was founded in 2005 by Maestro Maurizio Francisci with the goal of promoting culture in all its forms.

The association focuses on researching, studying, enhancing, and sharing the Italian popular music tradition to connect young people to their roots and preserve this valuable cultural legacy.

Through artistic activities, the association provides a safe and stimulating environment for children and young people to express themselves, develop their artistic talents, and join a community. Participants work with entertainment professionals to learn singing, music, and acting using informal and creative methods that encourage self-expression and communication through art.

The Municipality XI of Rome selected the association in 2023 to oversee and restore the historic "Scuola Arvalia" music school. The school, which is situated in the working-class suburb of Magliana in the south of Rome, currently provides several music rooms where children and teenagers from the surrounding areas interested in dance, theatre, and music may get together, learn, and exchange ideas in a safe, inclusive environment.

The new financial support from the Cuomo Foundation will fund two projects led by I Cerchi Magici: establishing an orchestra and a theatre company, both with an inclusive and supportive approach. These initiatives will welcome children with disabilities and will be free for all participants.

At the end of the year, there will be a performance to showcase the skills learned by the participants in the musical and theatrical workshops.

The association's goal is to create a multi-ethnic, inclusive musical and theatrical company that produces performances addressing civil and social issues, to be presented in diverse venues.

A video presentation of the new Cuomo Foundation-funded youth projects may be viewed below…


A video presentation of our new project promoting cultural education among marginalised young Romans


Our funding will be allocated to two projects run by I Cerchi Magici: the creation of an orchestra and a theatre company.

2023 Annual Report


Discover the digital version of our annual Activity Report, which will be available in hard copy shortly.

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