Supporting Education and Social Welfare of The Principality

The Foundation headquarters were established in Monaco in 2001 and it supports many of the Principalitie’s charitable organisations and activities.

Numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations of the Principality are partners, past and present, of our organisation: Monaco Red Cross, Monaco Disease Power, Children & Future, Fédération Monégasque de Rugby, International Junior Chamber (JCI), Principality of Monaco Town Hall…

  • Operational expenses:
    5055726 € (as of 2022)
  • Number of supported organizations since 2002: 20



SINCE 2002

Monaco Red Cross

The Foundation has supported the Monaco Red Cross Scholarship Program since 2001.

The annual scholarship enables less advantaged pupils and university students from Monaco and the surrounding municipalities to benefit and be supported in their studies.

Due to this support, 41 students were able to continue their studies in 2019.

  • Operational expenses since 2002 : 1278043



Project Updates



SINCE 2010

Municipality of Monaco

Social services and Home support actions

In 2010 the Cuomo Foundation fully sponsored the purchase of a refrigerated van to donate to the Municipality of Monaco -Town Hall services for Seniors and Social Action. The specialized van joined the catering meals on wheels delivery service which was launched in 1987.The service operates daily, all year round and provides vital support to over 180 vulnerable persons.

Today, 10 years later, the Foundation has renewed its support for the Town Halls ’social actions by donating a zero-emissions electric refrigerated van to the delivery service. This latest support is in line with the Foundations social and eco-friendly actions.

In 2013, the Foundation continued its support of social welfare schemes initiated by the Municipality of Monaco by contributing to the ESPACE SNOEZELEN project. Based on the Snoezelen method of multi-sensory stimulation it provides a therapeutic environment for persons with developmental disabilities or dementia.

Early Childhood services

In 2011, the Foundation contributed to the opening of two nurseries operated by the Town Hall Services for Early Childhood. Named A Riturnela and A Ribambela these day care centres are able to accommodate around 20 young toddlers.

  • Operational expenses since 2010: 1245955


The "zero-emission" utility vehicle donated to the Municipality of Monaco by the Cuomo Foundation in 2010


Project Updates



SINCE 2010

Monaco Disease Power

In 2013, La Maison d’Amélie officially opened in the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The residential respite holiday home is equipped to accommodate up to 20 disabled children and adults along with their families to enable them to rest and relax in a peaceful and appropriately adapted environment.

The Cuomo Foundation, with other partners, supported and funded the development and construction of this innovative project for the Association Monaco Disease Power. The Foundation remains involved in the maintenance and running of this exciting project.

  • Operational expenses since 2012: 1 671940


« La Maison des copains », the annex lodging of "La Maison d’Amélie"


Project Updates

Innovative Project for Adults with ASD Gains Major Funding through Cuomo Foundation’s Partnership with Monaco Disease Power


The Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Disease Power Association have partnered to establish an accommodation facility for adults with autism spectrum disorder.
Monaco Conference on Autism and Mental Disability – third edition


The association Monaco Disease Power organised the “Third Monaco Conference on Autism and Mental Disability” on 27 November, 2021.The event was held at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco.



SINCE 2013

Sainte-Dévote Rugby Challenge

Since 2013 the Cuomo Foundation has been one of the sponsors of the Sainte-Dévote Tournament organized by the Fédération Monégasque de Rugby and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

This annual event promotes the idea of ‘Rugby for All’. Young teams from all over the world participate together and special training practice programmes are designed for the differently abled. The event is open to boys and girls aged under 12 years.

  • Operational expenses since: 175040



Project Updates

The 2023 edition of the Challenge Sainte Dévote


The sporting event, which the organizers like to describe as the Rugby World Cup for Under-12s, brought together 300 players from 17 countries this year.
The Cuomo Foundation Celebrates Ten Years of Support for the Sainte Devote Tournament


Since 2013, the foundation has granted the Monaco Rugby Federation more than 90,000 euros.



SINCE 2022


Becoming a parent is undoubtedly a wonderful source of happiness, but it also brings many changes and difficulties. Faced with these challenges, it can sometimes be difficult to find good listeners and suitable answers. Based on this realization, Emilie, Johanna, Clémence, and Anna, young mothers but also young entrepreneurs, took the initiative to create a digital support platform for parents called Entreparents.

Digital transition and education are key challenges for society in the future, and for these reasons, the Cuomo Foundation has decided to support this project and contribute to the funding of the application's launch.

Various working meetings held this year have allowed for the analysis of the project's progress and the appreciation of the communication methods implemented to promote Entreparents. In parallel, a collaboration is planned with the Princess Grace Hospital Center (CHPG).

Several working meetings have taken place to analyze the project's progress. "Let's Talk, Education" events are multiplying, as well as publications on Instagram and Facebook. Five meetings with parents are scheduled for 2023. A collaboration agreement is being prepared with the CHPG. A testing phase is planned between Decembe

  • Operational expenses in 2022 : 30000



Project Updates

The Cuomo Foundation funds “Entreparents” a digital resource for new parents


“Entreparents” is a new model of pre- and post-natal support and information for parents in the Principality of Monaco and the surrounding area.