Innovative Project for Adults with ASD Gains Major Funding through Cuomo Foundation’s Partnership with Monaco Disease Power


Innovative Project for Adults with ASD Gains Major Funding through Cuomo Foundation’s Partnership with Monaco Disease Power
[Photo: The future home for adults with ASD in Annot - © Monaco Disase Power]

The Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Disease Power Association have partnered to establish an accommodation facility for adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects people's social interactions, communication, learning, and behaviour.

The Monaco Disease Power Association was founded in 2007 by Muriel Natali-Laure, when she realised that there was no alternative care provision to help support families with ASD throughout the year, because the specialised structures only operated during school term times.

Since 2012, the Cuomo Foundation has supported the association, especially in the implementation of its 2 major projects in Annot: Maison d’Amélie and Maison des Copains. Both residential centres provide respite stays as well as support and specialist activities for children and young people with socio-emotional communication difficulties.

This new initiative will contribute to meeting the urgent demand in the Alpes-Maritimes area for additional dedicated facilities catering to young adults with ASD once they leave the existing specialised structures for children with ASD. 

The Cuomo Foundation has contributed €552,700 in funding for this project, enabling the association to purchase a former hotel that has been recently refurbished and is already equipped to accommodate 9 bedrooms, activity areas, a dining hall, and a professional kitchen.

This new inclusive facility for young adults, which is expected to open later in 2024, will complement the successful MDP centres that are already operating nearby in Annot.

The combined efforts of the Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Disease Power demonstrate a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by adults with ASD, as well as their families and caregivers.


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