Cultural Event Held at the Chiostro Dei Genovesi


Cultural Event Held at the Chiostro Dei Genovesi
Giancarlo Bedosti, renowned Italian economist, speaking to the public - 13 January 2024 at the Chiostro dei Genovesi, Rome
The itinerant cultural and musical salons curated by Italian Maestro Marcella Crudeli have been a source of enrichment and inspiration for her loyal followers for over fourteen years. 

The first salon of this year took place on January 13th in the historical setting of the "Chiostro dei Genovesi," a 14th-century cloister located in Rome's Trastevere district. This venue also serves as the backdrop for the esteemed ‘Roma International Piano Competition’ which Maestro Crudeli, its founder and artistic director, established in 1990.The Cuomo Foundation has been its principal financial supporter since 2004.

Each month, a distinguished guest is invited to share their knowledge and expertise with an engaged audience in a unique setting within the city of Rome.

Giancarlo Bedosti, the economist, was the guest of honour at this year's first salon. Bedosti captivated the audience with his insights on the pressing issue of inflation, a topic that holds significant implications for our collective future. His thought-provoking intervention was interspersed with musical interludes featuring talented vocalists trained by Maestro Hyo Soon Lee at the conservatory of L'Aquila. Tenors Minhyeok Jung, Deokho Noh, Seokwon On, and Siqi Wang, as well as sopranos Hyunye Kim, Sohee Kim, Seungyeon Ko, Hyein Lee, Pilsu Lee, Jeongwon Seo, and Jixin Xue showcased their remarkable talents, accompanied on the piano by Maestro Sabrina Troise.

These itinerant cultural salons hold immense significance, underscoring the powerful connection between various disciplines and engaging a diverse and passionate audience. They continue to foster a love and appreciation for culture and art, bringing together individuals who seek intellectual stimulation and inspiration in a unique and intimate setting.

- Nina Orenga de Gaffory, Rome
Cuomo Foundation joins the applause and acclaim for the 32nd Roma International Piano Competition


The 32nd edition of the International Piano Competition "Roma" ended with a magnificent concert held in the historic Oratorio di San Francesco del Caravita in Rome on November 16th, 2023.

The 32nd International Piano Competition "Roma" holds its press conference with a piano recital at the Rome City Hall


A press conference to mark officially the launch of the 32nd edition of the Roma International Piano competition was held on the 16th of October at the Protomoteca Hall of the Rome City Hall.

Cuomo Foundation is guest of honour at award ceremony for 31st Roma International Piano Competition held at the Roma Tre University


On November 16, the gala finale of Maestro Marcella Crudeli’s 31st International Piano Competition “Roma” was held in Rome.

Cuomo Foundation awards the Chopin Prize to winners of the 30th “Roma” International Piano Competition


The Cuomo Foundation has sponsored and supported this cultural event since 2004.