"We live on a planet where we have everything we need, but aren' we all destroying it?"

2023 Mar 09

Mahmoud Bab Ly, a visual artist and art teacher, participated in the Sene'Gala exhibition-sale organized in Monaco in 2008 by the Cuomo Foundation.

Since that time, we have been following his remarkable journey with admiration, which continues to affirm his status as an essential artist of his generation.

In 2016, Baba Ly, alongside other young artists who participated in the Monaco exhibition in 2008, contributed to the artistic development of the Cuomo Cardio-Pediatric Center, a healthcare facility built within the CHNU Fann with full funding from the Cuomo Foundation.

This interview took place in Dakar in February 2023.

Cuomo Foundation joins the applause and acclaim for the 32nd Roma International Piano Competition

2023 Nov 27

The 32nd edition of the International Piano Competition "Roma" ended with a magnificent concert held in the historic Oratorio di San Francesco del Caravita in Rome on November 16th, 2023.

Gifted young pianists’ triumph at the Roma International Piano Competition,2023

2023 Nov 06

The 32nd Roma International Piano Competition commenced last Friday, with the younger international piano students competing in the Young Pianist section.

The 32nd International Piano Competition "Roma" holds its press conference with a piano recital at the Rome City Hall

2023 Oct 26

A press conference to mark officially the launch of the 32nd edition of the Roma International Piano competition was held on the 16th of October at the Protomoteca Hall of the Rome City Hall.

Argentina to Italy: Cuomo Foundation recipients are honoured as eco-citizenship role models

2023 Sep 14

Two beneficiaries of the Cuomo Foundation were recently publicly recognized for their eco-responsible practices.