Annual Rapport 2022

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Allocated budget for 2022 : € 113830
Total overall budget for 2002-2022 : € 1278044 


The Cuomo Foundation and the Monaco Red Cross continue their long-standing partnership, especially when it comes to sponsoring scholarships for deserving young people.

Since 2002, the Cuomo Foundation has supported the Monaco Red Cross scholarship programme, which has proven to have a positive impact. As a result, the Foundation has increased its yearly contributions significantly. In fact the budget has multiplied by 6.35.

Several factors have led to this, such as a greater appreciation of those in dire need, more visibility, and easier access to support resources within the Principality.

This increase in support is a timely response to the region’s worsening socioeconomic condition.

“I would like to warmly thank you for the scholarship of 2,000 euros that was granted to me through the Monaco Red Cross for my university studies at University College London (UCL). I am currently studying Security and Crime Sciences and am in my first year. I love my studies and appreciate the opportunity to pursue them and the conditions under which I can accomplish them.” 

May Danziger Beneficiary of the Monaco Red Cross scholarship programme 2022





Allocated budget for 2022 : € 101250
Total Amount Awarded since 2013 : € 642612 


Since 2009, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has granted scholarships to PhD candidates from underdeveloped nations, aimed at supporting research that furthers the comprehension of the scientific foundations of climate change risks, their potential ramifications, and the means to adapt or contain them.

The IPCC Scholarship Programme Awards are granted every 2 years and are made possible through the contributions of its funding partners.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation became a funding partner in 2011 and the Cuomo Foundation became party to the agreement between The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the IPCC in 2013.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Cuomo Foundation and the AXA Research Fund supported the Sixth Round of Awards which were made in 2021 for 2021-2023 programme.

Over the years, the Foundation’s engagement and relationship with the IPCC award students has developed, and a number of these accomplished PhD graduates have subsequently successfully applied directly to the Cuomo Foundation for funding to continue their fields of climate change research.


Interview of Yucong Lin (China)

Interview of Simeon Diedhio (Senegal)


In 2022 the Cuomo Foundation continued its second year of funding and support for its selected 7 of the students and their research projects.


  • Gildas Geraud Comlan Assogba (Benin)

The biomass challenge: a multi-scale modelling of biomass flows in semi-arid. Burkina Faso

  • Boubou Bagre (Burkina Faso)

Development and characterization of eco-materials for sensible heat storage

  • Yucong Lin (China)

Changes in extreme precipitation related to ENSO events in the context of climate change

  • Ana Lucia Castrillon Cifuentes (Colombia)

Evaluation of reef resilience models in response to local stressors and climate change on Gorgona Island, Colombia

  • Tariku Olana Jawo (Ethiopia)

Potential of coffee-based agroforestry system to improve the adaptive capacity of local populations to climate change and variability: The case of Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia

  • Siméon Diedhiou (Senegal)

Impact of Biochar on soil hydrodynamic properties, water saving and tomato yield in a context of climate change, in the Niayes area, Senegal

  • Mamadou Thiam (Senegal)

Simulation and projection of dust concentrations and study of their impact on air quality in West Africa



"An informed citizenry builds a better world" - Brazilian scientist's work praised by local press


"EducAir: raising awareness among populations about the risks of smoke from fires," a postdoctoral study led by Dr. Igor Oliveira Ribeiro.
Foundation supports new research in the ‘Third Pole’ by Chinese IPCC Scholarship awardee


Three of Dr. Li’s research papers were cited in the recently released IPCC’s AR6 Working Group II Report.
Cuomo Foundation supports new research programme on deforestation impact on Gran Chaco in South America


A project initiated by Dr Pedro Fernandez, an Argentine climate change researcher and recipient of the IPCC scholarship Programme 2019-2021.
Foundation funded IPCC doctoral scholar Dr Dongfeng Li’s research cited in latest IPCC report


In IPCC’s recently released AR6 Working Group II Report ,three of Dr Dongfeng Li’s research papers are cited in the contributions in Chapters 4 and 5.
Amazonas communities help monitor real-time air quality


A climate change project funded by the Cuomo Foundation.







This annual event promotes the idea of ‘Rugby for All’ and was established in 2009 to link the town of Lucciana in Corsica with the Principality as they shared the patron saint of Sainte Dévote


Amount Granted in 2022 : € 10000
Total Amount Granted since 2013 : € 75040


The 10th Sainte Dévote Rugby tournament was held in May 2022, after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This annual event promotes the idea of ‘Rugby for All’ and was established in 2009 to link the town of Lucciana in Corsica with the Principality as they shared the patron saint of Sainte Dévote. 

Young players under 12 years old from 14 countries including Mauritius, Ireland, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Georgia, and Ecuador came together in Monaco to play the game and celebrate the virtues it seeks to uphold: unity, integrity, teamwork, and respect.

The competition particularly emphasised the importance of inclusivity for persons of all abilities and included accessible activities designed for young people with disabilities. Other activities offered young children ages 2 to 6 years old the chance to gain familiarity with the sport.





The Maison d’Amélie is a respite home for children with disabilities and their families located in Annot, in the region of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.


Amount Granted in 2022 : € 40300
Total Amount Granted since 2012 : € 694977 


The Cuomo Foundation contributed to its construction in 2012 and has supported the organization’s operation ever since. The venture was expanded in 2018 with the building of a new cottage called «La Maison des Copains « also with funding from the Foundation. The organization faced a very high cancellation rate during the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021 and the Foundation’s financial support during this difficult period was essential in achieving financial stability.

In 2022, a new building project was announced aimed at construction of additional apartments for long-term residential stays. The Cuomo Foundation was able to help support this new project by successfully bidding for two paintings auctioned at the Monaco Disease Power Gala auction event.

Photo: ‘LE CHEMIN’, 2022 BY AMELIE






A new digital platform support group. 


Total amount granted in 2022 : €30000


“Today, more than ever, social media gives the impression that communication is easy. But each of us can still feel more isolated than ever, a feeling shared by people in both developed and developing countries. We understand that the ambitions of “Entreparents“ are to assist and support people in better communicating with one another.”

- Maria Elena Cuomo- Monaco, October, 2022

“Entreparents” is a new parenting support concept that aims to connect new and future parents in the Principality and to assist them with practical solutions, answers to questions, and highlight available services.

The original concept for the mobile App was devised by 4 young mothers in response to the problems they had identified of many other new parents feeling isolated, unsupported, and ill-informed.

The integration of digital technology and education is one of the difficulties confronting today’s society, which is why the Cuomo Foundation chose to support this initiative by 4 young female entrepreneurs. Several working meetings were conducted in 2022 to review the project’s status and discuss the communication strategies used to promote “Entreparents”. Funded by the Government of Monaco, the Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Telecom, and developed by Carlo Technologies the “Entreparents” will launch in 2023.

In addition, a similar partnership with the Princess Grace Hospital Centre

© Photo Entreparents



The Cuomo Foundation funds “Entreparents” a digital resource for new parents


“Entreparents” is a new model of pre- and post-natal support and information for parents in the Principality of Monaco and the surrounding area.





The CFM Indosuez is a leading bank in Monaco and has been serving international clients for over 100 years.


Total amount of grants awarded by the Cuomo Foundation since 2010 : €514908
Total number of boreholes drilled and/or rehabilitated since 2011 : 49 


In 2022, the bank approached the Cuomo Foundation to offer to support some of the actions of the Foundation. A partnership agreement was signed on Dec 22,2022 between CFM Indosuez and the Cuomo Foundation to benefit the Zeine Association, a grassroots organization that promotes social projects for agricultural communities in Gorom-Gorom, Burkino Faso.

The Cuomo Foundation has been a partner of the Zeine Association since 2010 and supports many critical local projects including the drilling and maintenance of boreholes creating accessible and safe drinking water.

A new initiative to be managed by the Zeine Association and funded through the Cuomo Foundation by the CFM Indosuez will see the rehabilitation of 8 safe drinking water wells and the purchase and distribution of goats to 70 vulnerable families in the Gorom-Gorom region.





Amount Awarded for 2022 : € 25000


The Institute of Oceanography was founded by Prince Albert I of Monaco in 1906, the great-great-grandfather of the current honorary president H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The Institute is the research body of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the House of the Oceans in Paris and is involved in numerous environmental projects on the national and international scene. Importantly, it contributes to the Principality’s own commitment to protecting the ocean and to disseminating the science of Oceanography to the public through communication, educational programmes, outreach projects, exhibitions, and symposiums.

In 2022, the Cuomo Foundation committed to supporting the Institute’s activities and aims, which play such an important educational role in conserving the marine environment and its inhabitants for the future.

© Photo Institut océanographique




Amount awarded in 2022 : € 10 000


Samu Social de Paris was established in 1993, and Samu Social International in 1998.

The Samu Social Burkino Faso was founded in 2001 to assist youngsters living in extremely vulnerable situations on the streets of Ouagadougou, Burkino Faso’s capital.

In 2022, the Cuomo Foundation and the Directorate of International Cooperation of Monaco signed a protocol agreement to collaborate with Samu Social International to fund the purchase of a suitable site for the construction of a support and accommodation centre to benefit and aid the street children of Ouagadougou.

© Photo Samu Social International


Associations & Charities

Dons directs



Les Enfants de Frankie

Les Enfants de Frankie Association has been working since 1997 for the well-being of sick, disabled, psychically distressed or vulnerable children aged 1 to 18 in Monaco and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. 

The Cuomo Foundation attended the “Noël de Frankie” fundraising event in December 2022.

  • Amount Donated € 800

AME International

established in Strasbourg in 1998, specialising in continuing medical education for doctors in developing countries.

Achat de tableau d’un artiste The Cuomo Foundation attended the AME-International fundraising event in November 2022 and purchased a painting by a Rwandan Artist.

  • Amount Donated € 10000



Fight AIDS Monaco

Fight AIDS Monaco, established in 2004, provides a safe and tolerant weekly space for those who are HIV-positive or impacted by HIV, as well as activities, outings, and restorative weekends.

The Cuomo Foundation attended Fight AIDS Monaco summer gala in July 2022.

  • Amount Donated € 1000

Direction de l’Éducation Nationale de la Jeunesse et des Sports

To mark the WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY 2022 - November 20th - the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of a Child.  
  • Amount Donated € 20000