Argentina to Italy: Cuomo Foundation recipients are honoured as eco-citizenship role models


Argentina to Italy: Cuomo Foundation recipients are honoured as eco-citizenship role models

In the Italian city of L'Aquila, the capital of the Abruzzo region, two beneficiaries of the Cuomo Foundation, were recently publicly recognized for their eco-responsible practices. Originating from Argentina Dr. Ana Carolina Amarillo, a climate researcher now affiliated with the University of L'Aquila, and Mr. Guillermo David Anastasi, a tango professor, were recognized for their advocacy of tango and their use of sustainable transportation, such as electric bicycles and public transit. 


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The Cuomo Foundation selected Ana Carolina Amarillo to receive an IPCC scholarship from 2019 to 2021 to fund her research into the effects of climate change, and in 2022 it continued to support the Argentine researcher on her new project, which she worked on with her husband Guillermo David Anastasi. It comprised teaching itinerant tango classes as they travelled by land from their native Argentina to Brazil. Both are passionate advocates and ambassadors for the Tango, the internationally recognised dance form of Argentine and Uruguayan roots ,classified as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2009.

L'Aquila city has recently been named a "Cycling Municipality" by the Italian Federation for the Environment and Cycling, and the local branch of the federation wanted to acknowledge residents who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in eco-friendly actions. 

Dr. Amarillo and Mr. Anastasi's honour is intended to encourage others in the community to switch to more environmentally friendly transit options.

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