The Cuomo Foundation supports "Babel," a 'participatory' opera produced by Opéra Nice Côte d'Azur

2022 Jun 21

The Cuomo Foundation supports
Continuing its involvement in artistic patronage, the Cuomo Foundation is providing support for "Babel," a so-called "participatory" opera featuring young schoolchildren from Nice, specially recruited for the occasion.

The premiere of this unique production is scheduled for tonight at La Diacosmie's Second Stage in Nice.

In this creation by Magali Thomas, with music composed by Sergio Monterisi, the children of Babel will attempt to reconcile the Earth with human beings and the elements that surround them in a world that risks self-destruction. Staged as an initiatory journey to the center of the world, the performance maintains suspense throughout—"But isn't it already too late?"—and through this very questioning, aims to raise awareness among both young and older audiences about the environmental challenges on which the future of our planet depends.

Alongside four adult soloists, a total of 140 children in their final years of primary school (CM1 and CM2), including many students from specialized classes, are participating in this thrilling adventure. Starting with no prior operatic experience, the students manage to deliver an astonishing vocal performance by the end. From the beginning of the year, they have received special training conducted jointly by the opera team and the teachers from each participating school. The result is not only a spectacle that conveys civic values but also an initiative that encourages ordinary children to produce the extraordinary.

The project, financially supported by the Cuomo Foundation, is under the patronage of the activist photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose images will be projected during the performance. 


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